3/8″ Tie Down, Medium


This is not your average camera head Tie-Down! The MYT Works’ machined aluminum Tie-Down features a brass thread and is built for long-term use. The ultra-low profile eliminates any potential issue an operator might have with the length of his or her existing Tie-Down. Furthermore, the knob and cup are inseparable– no losing important components when unscrewed. Choose from two sizes (small and large) and two different thread styles (3/8″-16 or M10).

The Tie-Downs are compatible with most commercially available camera heads on the market. Please contact the manufacturer of your head in order to determine which thread style to purchase— each head is different. We recommend the Small size Tie-Down for 75mm and 100mm ball heads. The Large size is best for 150mm ball heads.

In The Box

  • One 3/8″-16 Tie-Down


Camera Head Compatibility 75mm Ball, 100mm Ball
Thread Size(s) 3/8″-16

* May require optional accessories


Technical Specifications

Our line of accessories helps tailor your MYT Works system to your exact application. With a wide range of cross-compatible, multi-purpose tools, each option makes shooting on a MYT Works System more stable, versatile and productive.