150mm Half Ball Adapter


The Tripod Adapters are a “must-have” accessory— it saves you from sacrificing a fluid head when mounting a Glide to a tripod. Available in 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, and Mitchell versions, these adapters form the rigid mechanical interface between your tripod and the underside of a Glide. Each Static Plate on our Glide Systems has the necessary hole pattern to mount any one of these adapters. All Adapters come with the necessary hardware to get going, including a Tie-Down.

In The Box



Camera Head Compatibility Mitchell Mount
Thread Size(s) 3/8″-16

* May require optional accessories


Technical Specifications

Our line of accessories helps tailor your MYT Works system to your exact application. With a wide range of cross-compatible, multi-purpose tools, each option makes shooting on a MYT Works System more stable, versatile and productive.