A camera chart system that improves the camera operator’s checkout experience and also enables rental houses to deliver better customer service. The Opti-Glide speeds the camera check-out process by making precise chart adjustment quick and intuitive. For the rental house, this means faster checkouts and less staff intervention. The Opti-Glide benefits from a decade of research, development, and manufacturing that MYT Works has put into its Patented 3-in-1 Camera Slider and Skater Dolly systems.

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Industry Standard Mounting Options

Attachment points for industry standard mounting options

The system can be mounted in a variety of ways including with standard industry rigging options. Complicated pipe grid structures are not necessary to support the system.

Height Adjustable Chart Frame

Each system is modular and can be configured in length and height to the specific needs of the rental department. Adjustable lighting panel support with counterweight.

Height-Adjustable Chart Frame
Smooth Motion

Smooth Motion

The chart can be moved effortlessly with one finger and stopped precisely without any back and forth settling motion. The motion is buttery smooth but firm and controllable so the user never needs to fight the system to get the chart precisely where they want it.

Operable by hand or optional motor system

The only chart that can be moved both by hand and motor. Push the chart effortlessly or enable the motor at a moment’s notice. The motor control system is simple to use and includes distance indexing. The motor is powerful and designed to handle years of continuous use.

Operable by Hand or Optional Motor
Optional Encoder Module with Distance Digital Readout

Optional encoder module with distance digital readout

An industrial magnetic encoder provides extremely accurate distance read-out on a large monitor in real time. The encoder does not require any homing or re-zeroing in between uses so constantly checking the distance with a tape measure is unnecessary.

Optional handwheel mechanism for carriage distance adjustment

The industry-first handwheel accessory allows the operator to control the chart from the camera station without ever needing to go back and forth between the two, greatly cutting down on wasted time in the checkout lane.

Optional Handwheel Mechanism for Carriage Distance Adjustment

 Optiglide Chart System

Projector Platform System

The MYT Opti-Glide system is designed for a variety of supports besides Chart systems. One particularly suited for our carriage design is the integration of a platform system that allows for high-resolution projectors for camera checkout departments and calibrations rooms for technicians looking to precisely calibrate lenses. The MYT Opti-Glide projector platform system is ideally suited for this purpose.

1- Extremely accurate motion with rock-free starts and stops,

2- Brake system once the projector is at the predetermined location from the projected image

3- Chain tracks to bring power and control cables to the projector

4- Adjustable height control with break-free lead-screw column

5- Underslung design allows for clutter-free work area

6- Very easy to mount, level and setup.

7- Maintenance is nominal with each component designed to withstand years of continuous usage. All our components are machined to exacting tolerances in our machine shop.

To provide some perspective on the platform design and its profile, the stills show a MYT Opti-Glide system fitted with a MFC-65 Denz projector. We offer not only a standard platform to mount any kind of projector but we can also design and mill custom plates for specific applications. Here, For the Denz MFC-65, the custom platform allows to adjust each feet individually for leveling purposes. Additional through holes were added on to the plate to allow for safety screws once the level is set.

For those of you who are familiar with our Camera Slider and Skater dollies, The MYT Opti-Glide Chart and projector platform system integrates numerous features and some of our patented technology into many its components. Additionally, the MYT Opti-Glide can support camera and heads in underslung applications for special effects, commercial and television applications.



With its unique structural design, the MYT Works Camera Pedestal represents a radical departure from the traditional, single column pedestal design. The Pedestal can be configured with three, four or five legs of any length to insure a rock-solid platform that takes up minimal floor space. Each leg passes through their clamps allowing the height to be adjusted on the fly. It can even be mounted “underslung” to the ceiling, clearing the floor entirely and providing better access to equipment around the camera.

The Pedestal supports all industry standard camera mounts including 75, 100, and 150 mm balls as well as Mitchell mounts. The camera and head can be mounted flush to the platform surface or elevated above the plate using a MYT Works Hi-Hat. The Hi-Hat can be easily attached and removed via a quick release latch allowing operators to switch configurations quickly and without tools.

Working surfaces can be added inside and outside the Pedestal envelope to maximize surface area and keep important equipment, tools and accessories at hand’s reach. All of these mounting surfaces can be adjusted independently from one another to suit each user’s needs. A variety of camera accessories can be mounted to any of the Pedestal stages by the various ¼”-20, ⅜”-16 and ½”-13 threads.

The Pedestal can also be fitted with an optional precision lifting system that allows for a fine vertical height adjustment of the camera and head (or other heavy equipment) without having to remove them first.


The MYT Works Synchrone System provides precise control of camera position during a camera check-out. It was designed with one goal in mind: simplify, save time, and minimize setups for both rental houses and their clients.

As a companion to the Opti-Glide Chart System, the Synchrone removes the need for repeated measurement and calibration of the chart’s distance from the camera. Instead, the operator can freely balance, adjust the camera along a dovetail, and move the head along the slider to a natural position; all without the burden of keeping the film plane at a fixed location to maintain calibration. One sensor alongside the Synchrone is simply adjusted to track the location of the film plane, constantly feeding the zero position to the Opti-Glide digital read out. No longer must the operator manually measure the distance with a tape measure.

By itself, the Synchrone can be used the adjust the camera and is a very useful tool when working with a variety of heads, bodies, and lenses. It has numerous mounting options:

  1. With a flat bottom; it can be set on any existing working surface.
  2. Various built-in hole patterns support all standard heads including: 75, 100, and 150 mm balls as well as Mitchell mounts.
  3. The MYT Works Rosette Legs can be fitted on the end caps for height and leveling adjustments.
  4. The Synchrone can be attached to the MYT Works Pedestal which provides a sturdy working surface while minimizing footprint.

The Synchrone also provides a variety of mounting points for monitors, lights, and other accessories.

Options + Accessories

Handwheel Drive System

Carriage Encoder + Digital Readout

Film Plane Encoder for Calibration-Free Measurement

User Interface to Motor and Encoder

Motor with Handwheel Clutch

Custom Projector Mount