Do You Have Everything? Reminders for New Customers

Amidst the excitement of placing your order, it can be easy to forget the accessories that maximize your capabilities. Interchangeable parts across models and systems offers unparalleled versatility for your camera setups. They are also designed with backwards compatibility. If you did not call us before placing your order, please take advantage of a free phone consultation. We can be reached at 212-337-3789 or via

In the meantime, review the following items to make sure you are fully equipped for the job:

  • If you ordered a Medium or Large Glide, we highly recommend mounting your Glide on a tripod and a stand. This combination allows you to precisely level your system with the tripod while simply supporting the other end with a light weight stand. A Tripod/Half-ball adapter is required to mount with a tripod, and the Baby Junior Adapter is usually purchased to mount with a stand. Both adapters can be purchased separately and both are included in the M/L Accessories Kit.
  • Your Glide can be used directly on the ground or on a table with or without baby feet. Baby feet can be used anywhere there is a ½”-13 thread: on rods, end trusses and plates.
  • If you ordered a Small Glide, center supporting is common. You will need a Tripod/Half-ball adapter to mount with a tripod. This is an additional purchase and it also is included in the small accessories kit.
  • The Rosette Leg/Rod Adapter Kit with Aluminum End Caps allows you to mount on four independently adjustable legs/rods. This kit is a separate purchase and it requires the purchase of the aluminum end caps in addition to the kit. The Rosette Leg Adapter Kit is not compatible with the standard wood end caps. I similar Rosette Leg Adapter Kit with Baby Pin is available for the Skater Dolly and it serves the same purpose, to achieve the most secure connection between the stand and the rails.
  • To maximize setup options for the Skater Dolly, most operators choose the Universal Kit or the Master Kit. However, if you prefer to choose just 2 or 3 accessories for the Skater, start with the Rosette Leg Adapter Kit, the Baby Junior Adapter with Baby Pin, and the Tripod/Half-ball Adapter. Keep in mind that all Skater Dollies come with aluminum end trusses/caps.
  • Don’t forget to register your products. We will keep you up-to-date on upgrades, modifications, new accessories and maintenance schedules.

We take great care to design, engineer and hand-assemble our products and we welcome your feedback. As you gain experience with our products, please share your reviews, BTS photos and videos with us. We enjoy sharing your capabilities and creative work through our newsletter and blog.

-The MYT Works Team

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