MYT Works Rosette Adapter Kit with 19mm Legs

Rosette Adapter Kit

Elevate your skater system on 19mm Legs. The rosette caps attach to the end trusses and support the legs at various angles by adjusting through 32 incremental teeth with a single wingnut.

Baby Feet

Add slight elevation and traction to your system with Baby Feet. Prevent slipping, insulate against sound and protect surfaces from damage. Baby Feet are made from one inch machined aluminum step rods and capped with textured rubber spheres. Mount anywhere there are ½”-13 threads on the support plates, end trusses or middle support trusses.

Baby Pin Adapter

Baby Pin Adapter

The Baby Pin Adaptor (BPA) is a stainless steel ⅝” pin that can be mounted anywhere there is a ½”-13 thread, such as a carriage or a platform. Use the pin to mount a light or industry standard accessory anywhere to your system. For more height, stack the BPA on a Standard Step Rod. On top of the pin is a ¼”-20 threaded hole for additional mounting options.

Dynamic Plate for Cameras Slider Dolly

Dynamic Plate

This plate allows you slide the rails over a static support for quick adjustments without having to re-level or reposition the support. To install, simply remove one of the end caps and slide the plate onto the bottom rails. Once in the desired position, secure your setup to the support with the locking bearing and you are ready to shoot.

Hi-Hat for Glide Slider Dolly


Our Hi-Hats are comprised of modular components including a mount, tray, handle bracket and four rods. The camera mount can be quickly changed between 75/100/150mm doughnuts, a Mitchell mount or a flat mount using an Allen key. Stackable legs are available in various lengths to bring the camera package higher or lower.

MYT Works Mitchell Tripod Adapter

Mitchell Adapter

Use this adapter to mount a 75mm or 100mm doughnut to a Mitchell tripod or dolly. Use step rods of varied lengths to accommodate tall tie-downs or change the height of your setup.

MYT Works Truss-to-Junior/Baby Stand Adapter

Truss-to-Junior/Baby Stand Adapter

Use this adapter to support your system with Junior stands or ⅝” studs. Its three piece construction consists of an aluminum flange, stainless steel stud, and female baby pin adapter. Affix the female baby pin adapter to the flange, thread through the truss, then secure to the top and bottom of the truss using the included female SRP locking nut and truss wing nut.

Truss-to-Tripod Adapter Kit

Truss-to-Tripod Adapter

Mount your Aluminum End Truss to a 75/100mm tripod. Affix the female baby pin adapter to the half ball adapter, thread through the End Truss, then secure to the top and bottom of the truss using a female SRP locking nut and truss wingnut, respectively. Comes with a half ball adapter of your choice, female baby pin adapter and a female SRP locking nut.

Underslung Kit

Underslung Camera Mounting Kit

The Underslung Kit allows you to attach a Hi-Hat to the underside of your Medium or Large Glide system using the underslung carriage and SRP Locking Bolts. Hi-Hats can be mounted to both carriages simultaneously. Comprised of modular components for easy setup and breakdown.

Cordura Carrying Case

Cordura Carrying Case

These custom cases are equipped with wheels, rubber bumpers, heavy-duty zippers and interior accessories pockets to store your camera goodies. Made in the USA from rugged, water-resistant material. Ideal for frequent fliers.